Other Areas

Other Areas

Our products can not only be applied in kitchens or bathrooms, but everywhere wherever You want and can imagine – in the shops, cafeterias, offices, health care centers, hotels, conference halls or even in the shipping.

The shop is like a theatre. The exposition can be based on the lighting, material and color. This way the merchandise or products are highlighted. This is one of the reasons why designers often choose our products.


Having the possibility to obtain any form or even imprint your logo, your shop will achieve much more glamour. By choosing illuminated colors, it is possible to create background lighting, which will render your shop cozier and give it more warmth. Corian gives an opportunity to decorate any type shop’s facade, wall-cladding, shelving and counter.

Health care centers and cafeterias

Because of hygienic features and simple upkeep, products from Corian and Montelli materials are becoming more popular among health care centers, cafeterias, bars and clubs. The surface is very easy to clean, because it contains no spores and does not concentrate dirt and bacteria. The surfaces are also stain-resistant.



In banks, hotels and offices products from Corian and Montelli materials are used because of smooth surface and resistance against breaking and scratches, which is very important where the surface is used for heavier loads.


In the boating business Corian and Montelli materials are used in the ship cabins. Because these materials are capable of attaining any shape it is possible to create any desirable form, and to save much space, and in the ship cabins it is very important.


Also we should not forget other important lodgments, where we move several times a day. It does not matter where it is – in the café, bank, office, hotel or even health institution, but it always has to remain clean and hygienic. Because of immunity to dirt and bacteria and because of its’ easy upkeep, our products help to achieve cleanliness and order. The results not only will satisfy You, but also Your colleagues, clients and employees.